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We are looking forward to reuniting families with their loved ones in the safest way possible. Please see below for details on the three types of visitors, our visitation guidelines and to register for a visit.

General Visitors

General Visitors are permitted in a nursing home or assisted living facility that has had no new positive COVID-19 cases for at least 14 days.

Essential Caregivers

Essential Caregivers provide services and/or assistance with activities of daily living to help maintain or improve the quality of care or quality of life for a resident. Care or services provided by essential caregivers will be identified in the resident’s care plan and may include bathing, dressing, eating, and/or emotional support.

Compassionate Care Visitors

Compassionate Care Visitors provide emotional support to help a resident deal with a difficult transition or loss, upsetting event, or end-of-life. Compassionate care visitors may be allowed entry into facilities on a limited basis for these specific purposes.

* Our policies will always be updated to comply with the latest state regulations.

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3 Visitation Guidelines
  • Residents may have 2 general visitors at a time.
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