Miami Jewish Health Systems Skilled Nursing Facility

Joint-Commission-Gold-Seal1The Skilled Nursing Unit at Miami Jewish Health Systems offers short-term, post-hospitalization care programs for those requiring highly skilled and intensive medical supervision, nursing care and intensive physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapies.
The Miami Jewish Health Systems Skilled Nursing Facility provides the following rehabilitation services:

  • Electric stimulation
  • Pain management
  • Physical therapy
  • Pneumonia treatment
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Therapeutic recreation

We also provide key diagnostic and medical management services, such as:

  • Administration of IV medications
  • Blood transfusions
  • Cardiac monitoring
  • Diagnostic imaging

To learn how we can help you or a loved one regain health and wellness, please visit or call 305.762.1500.

Accredited by the Joint Commission

Nursing Home Long-Term Care Unit

The Long Term Care Unit provides on-going nursing, restorative, recreational and psychosocial services for those needing nursing care and minimal-to-total assistance with activities of daily living.

It is our goal to provide a safe extended-stay environment and meet each individual resident’s specific needs.

To learn more about the Miami Jewish Health Systems Nursing Facility’s Long-Term Care Services, please call 305.762.1500.

Accredited by the Joint Commission

Miami Jewish Health Systems is a participant in the national initiative, AHRQ Safety Program for Long-Term Care: CAUTI, whose goals are to reduce health care-associated infections and improve cultures of safety in long-term care facilities. For more information, click here.
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