Caregiver providing pain care to man Caregiver providing pain care to man

Rosomoff Center

Pain care that treats your body, mind and the way you move forward.

Rosomoff Center

Pain care that treats your body, mind and the way you move forward.

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Treating the Whole Patient

Nearly 50 years of evidence-based pain care points to the benefits of a multidisciplinary, non-invasive approach to treating people who suffer with chronic pain.

A shared goal to improve your quality of life

We will restore your optimum level of function, eliminate or markedly reduce your pain and eliminate or reduce your dependency on addictive pain medications.

One-on-one treatment

Your team of physicians and specialists focuses first on your medical history and current condition with a thorough evaluation. From there, an individualized treatment and care plan is developed. We offer inpatient or outpatient care.

Complex cases, chronic, long-term pain and new injuries

Chronic head and neck pain, back pain, failed lower back and spinal cord stimulation surgeries and injections, chronic extremity pain, acute post-surgical and post-trauma pain, permanent paralysis and more.

Worker’s compensation partners

We work closely with insurers to turn their client’s unresolved pain into a future of purpose and productivity. We can provide on-site housing for clients and family members during treatment.

We help you move, work, play and get your life back.


Clients we’ve treated since opening our doors in 1974.


Clients who say their quality of life has improved.


Clients who have been discharged opioid-free.


Clients who have reported a significant reduction in pain from their treatment.

Live With Purpose
and Without Pain

We treat the cause of physical pain as well as the depression, anxiety, insomnia and opioid dependence that can accompany pain. The physicians and specialists of Rosomoff Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center work collaboratively to restore function and provide non-surgical and narcotic-free pain relief.

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Physical therapy icon

Physical Therapy

Let’s get you moving again without pain by focusing on strength and flexibility. We also provide ultrasounds, electrical therapy and cryotherapy.

Occupational Therapy icon

Occupational Therapy

We’ll focus on improving your ability to perform daily activities that keep you self-sufficient and productive.

Biofeedback icon

Biofeedback, Utilizing the Brucker Method

Advanced and tremendously successful treatment to stimulate inactive nerves and secondary muscles and help adults and children facing permanent paralysis caused by trauma, central nervous system damage and diseases.

Psychology icon


A specially trained psychologist will work with you to study and improve the way your brain responds to pain.

Neuromuscular Massage icon

Neuromuscular Massage

Guided by science and clinical evidence, our experts examine and treat the soft tissues of the body to identify and treat the causes of pain.

Acupuncture icon


The practice of inserting very thin needles into the skin to stimulate nerves, muscles and connective tissue and balance the flow of energy through the body.

Aquatic Therapy icon

Aquatic Therapy

Low-impact physical therapy with the therapeutic benefits of weightlessness, hydrostatic resistance movement and water submersion.

Shaun Corbett, MD

Chief Medical Director

Dr. Shaun Corbett oversees all physical rehabilitation services at Miami Jewish Health and manages the Rosomoff Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center, an American Pain Society Center of Excellence.

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Meet Some of Our Team

Ira Kutner portrait

Ira Kutner

Program Manager

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Sylvia Aguilar

Admissions Liaison

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Harrison Serrano

Occupational Therapist


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