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Frank C. and Lynn Scaduto MIND Institute

A warm, inclusive environment devoted to healthy aging, cognitive fitness, innovative research, and empathic support for people living with memory changes, Alzheimer’s disease, or other age-related neurocognitive disorders. Contact Us View Clinical Trials

Frank C. and Lynn Scaduto MIND Institute

A warm, inclusive environment devoted to healthy aging, cognitive fitness, innovative research, and empathic support for people living with memory changes, Alzheimer’s disease, or other age-related neurocognitive disorders.

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Cognitive Care for Any Age at Any Stage

Built and led by Dr. Marc Agronin and his 25+ years of expertise and experience in geriatric psychiatry, MIND Institute specializes in a very “hands-on” holistic approach based on our EmpathiCare℠ model. We provide cognitive care planning, social services, and support not only to our patients, but also to their loved ones and caregivers as well.

For people struggling with memory decline, or those who just want to keep their minds healthy as they age – we are here to help.

Visionary Care for Memory Loss & Cognitive Health

Designated by the State of Florida as a Memory Disorder Clinic, MIND Institute is here for the full range of individuals living with age-related neurocognitive change, as well as their family members and caregivers. Miami residency is not required to be a patient – you can travel in from outside the city, and telehealth options are also available.

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Our memory disorder clinic’s services include the evaluation and management of neurocognitive disorders, caregiver support, clinical research, and memory coaching that’s focused on hopeful, positive, and action-based therapy.

Outpatient Assessment and Management

We provide clinical diagnostic assessments for aging individuals who either have concerns about changes in their neurocognitive abilities, or who have an established impairment and are looking for re-assessment and cognitive care planning.

Caregiver Support & Case Management

Helping caregivers is a big focus of what we do at MIND Institute. We offer one-on-one counseling sessions, a caregiver support group, and when necessary, extensive case management for those with greater need.

Meaningful MINDs

This unique brain fitness program is designed to engage, enhance, and celebrate cognition, mood, and behavior in those with mild to moderate cognitive impairment. We conduct an assessment to identify a participant’s strengths and challenges across nine key domains. Participants then engage in regular one-on-one sessions of stimulating, fun, and meaningful activities with a MIND coach.

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Alzheimer’s Prevention Program

The goal of our Alzheimer’s Prevention Program is to help people with minor neurocognitive changes through a structured, evidence-based program to assess their risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease, benchmark their current neurocognitive health, and provide customized lifestyle coaching for reversal or mitigation.

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Clinical Trials

Clinical research trials and research partnerships are actively changing the way we boost cognitive health and treat memory disorders. MIND Institute at Miami Jewish Health has been a leading center for the latest, state-of-the-art experimental treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and associated conditions for more than 20 years.

You or your loved one may be eligible to participate after meeting the following criteria:

  • Individual has mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease
  • Individual is age 50 to 90+
  • Individual has an involved caregiver
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MIND Institute by the Numbers:


The number of clinical research trials, in collaboration with pharmaceutical partners, currently underway.


The personalized care ratio of one caregiver to one patient used in the MIND Institute’s physical training program.


The number of residents and patients currently enrolled in MIND Institute programs.

Marc E. Agronin, MD

Chief Medical Officer of Frank C. & Lynn Scaduto MIND Institute and Behavioral Health

Dr. Marc E. Agronin is a nationally recognized expert on alzheimer’s disease, memory disorders and geriatric psychiatry

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Meet Some of Our Team

Chrystine Kopcsik portrait

Chrystine Kopcsik

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Alex Gomez

Manager Clinical Research

Why Choose MIND Institute at Miami Jewish Health?

The approach to dealing with memory and other cognitive changes typically begins with an evaluation that focuses on diagnosis of a disease, followed by prescribing treatment and making referrals to other therapeutic and social services that assist with care. Often, the patient is defined by the disease and the tasks prescribed to address it.

We believe that there is purpose in our lives at every stage of aging.

MIND Institute starts with the same evaluation, but follows up with a hands-on approach that focuses on each patient and caregiver as real individuals. We spend more time working with you or your loved one, emphasizing individual needs and the delivery of therapeutic and social services. Our EmpathiCare℠ philosophy is that being with the patient and family, and our relationship with them, is as important as what we are doing for them.

Additionally, Miami Jewish Health has options available for MIND Institute patients who need assisted living accommodations specifically designed for memory care.


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