Donate a Gift to Miami Jewish Health Systems Music Therapy Program

The Music Therapy Program provides individual and group music therapy services to our residents, tenants and daycare participants. The mere opening lines of a song can trigger countless memories from decades ago, or prompt the recollection of priceless events in one’s lifetime – all of which may be locked away and never released if not for the incredible power that music has to recover what was once lost. The generosity of the Latin Auxiliary has allowed Miami Jewish Health Systems to maintain and expand the Music Therapy Program. Each gift, regardless of size, adds to the crescendo and harmony of our beloved Music Therapy Program.

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Miami Jewish Health Systems Latin Auxiliary raises funds to maintain and expand the Music Therapy Program, which offers a full-time board-certified music therapist and musical instruments, plus a wide range of music media, recordings, equipment and resources. Promote the well-being and dignity of participants by joining the Latin Auxiliary – you will bring joy and music to the ears of those in need. For more information, please contact Jenny Ray at 305.762.1382 or

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