Choosing the Right Senior Living Option

April 5, 2021

There are now over 73 million aging adults, 65+ in the United States. The demand for senior living options is rising and increases as aging adults live longer and healthier lives. To date, the most significant aging generation has been the Baby Boomers. Since the Boomers began retiring, senior living communities have not only multiplied; they have evolved based on the demands of this generation. There are many things to consider:

Aging at Home Alone or With Family

Many aging adults choose to live at home or with family caregivers. Once medical or personal assistance is needed, the family can opt to hire home health-services. The level of assistance varies and can range from a weekly visit to a daily nursing aide. Some common service types include personal hygiene, tracking medication, companionship and daily excursions, doctor visits, tracking vitals, and more. As long as aging adults are safe, this option can be the best choice.

An alternative option for senior living is PACE, an all-inclusive care program for the elderly. This is a customized program that allows seniors to live at home and receive customized healthcare and support at a nearby PACE facility.  Each participant has a team of medical experts dedicated to providing personalized healthcare and support to help them age at home. Miami Jewish Health offers community-based services through Florida PACE Centers both on and off our main Miami campus.

Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)

A CCRC is a sizeable individual community that provides a wide range of assistance in a resort-like setting. It’s a community that offers fun, social and independent living options for those ready to retire, have a good life, and live with peace of mind. The peace of mind comes from knowing that whatever you will need in future years is right there in your community, from different levels of assistance to on-site memory and medical care. Care, at any level, will be available and easily accessible if and when it’s needed.

Senior Independent Living

Irving Cypen Tower is an independent living facility within the Miami Jewish Health 23 acre campus. Adults who choose independent living are interested in the multitude of available services. Independent living is having your residence with an option of taking advantage of cleaning, cooking, driving, security (health and safety), and other services available. The residents have more time to enjoy their time and participate in local social activities, day trips, and outings. Peace of mind comes from knowing that help is always just a button away (if it is ever needed). Like Miami Jewish Health, many senior communities offer multiple living options that make it easy to be flexible with much less stress about the “what if’s” in life.

Senior Assisted Living

Hazel Cypen Tower is Miami Jewish Health’s assisted living facility. Assisted living is for those adults who need support with everyday life activities yet can maintain some independence within the comfort of their residence. This lifestyle includes social activities and outings, planned events, and entertainment. Assistance typically involves daily meals (including special dietary options), personal care, companionship, management of prescriptions and medical appointments, cleaning, and laundering services. The choices are plenty and very flexible so that each level is as personalized as the individual.

Memory Care

Memory care living communities are designed for aging adults who suffer from some form of dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other neurocognitive disorders. These facilities provide 24/7 safe and secure care. Today’s memory care facilities are designed to help residents thrive in gentle, supportive communities. Some offer innovative therapy sessions, brain strengthening activities designed to boost memory, sharpen focusing skills, and daily functionality.

Long-Term Care/Nursing Home

Nursing homes or facilities are for those individuals who require 24/7 nursing care in a home-like setting. Seniors who need specialized treatment and rehabilitative assistance for the long-term choose this option. Nursing Homes provide a nurturing and comfortable environment, combined with specific medical care.

Let us help you find the right living option. Our dedicated team of experts will help guide you and your loved ones. Personal tours are the best way to introduce families to our community. The ambiance, protocols, and warm and friendly environment should be experienced. See how our residents live life better.


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