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September 2, 2022

At Miami Jewish Health, our mission is to honor and enrich lives with empathy, purpose, and grace. We believe that a person’s golden years can be the richest & best time of their life – and our environment should enable that so as people age, they continue to live their lives and truly thrive.

With the above sentiment in our hearts, we’ve launched our THRIVE campaign. Philanthropy fuels Miami Jewish Health and our commitment to healthy aging, improved access to social activities & healthcare, and a robust quality of life for older adults.

To help Miami Jewish Health and seniors throughout South Florida thrive, you can designate a charitable gift toward any of the following areas:


The Wish List for our nursing home includes services and programs that enrich the quality of life for our residents but are not covered through insurance or other private payers. Items from the Wish List include:

  • Monthly off-campus excursions
  • All-terrain wheelchairs
  • Weekly exercise class instructors
  • Virtual reality travel experiences
  • Live, on-campus entertainment
  • Wheelchair accessible golf carts
  • Bingo supplies and prizes
  • Music therapy sessions


Direct contact with plants has been shown to improve physical and mental well-being and enhance overall quality of life. Our new Horticulture Therapy Program, guided by a trained therapist, includes an accessible community garden that also serves as an outdoor classroom and meeting space.


Research has shown that social isolation and loneliness are linked to higher risks for various conditions, including high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, and cognitive decline. The Connect initiative of our THRIVE campaign plans to address this by raising funds to purchase tablet computers (known as “GrandPads”) to keep seniors in touch with family and friends, physicians, and other telehealth providers.


Remote patient monitoring (RPM) can help seniors manage chronic health problems by keeping them linked to caregivers in real-time. It’s an innovative solution that we want to share with participants at Florida PACE Centers (Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly).

RPM devices will help PACE participants easily monitor their vital biometrics such as blood pressure, pulse, weight, glucose level, and oxygenation. This data is transmitted to the interdisciplinary care team at Florida PACE Centers for assessment and early intervention – all of which can lower healthcare costs, encourage positive habits, improve quality of life, and reduce the need for ER visits and hospitalization. Offering this virtual option for preventative care will make a world of difference for our community’s most vulnerable, chronically ill seniors.


At Miami Jewish Health, safety is of utmost importance. The rise in hate crimes and threats against Jewish organizations, such as ours, is a particular concern. In addition to protecting the Miami Jewish Health campus from the physical dangers and hate crimes of the real world, the Renew initiative of our THRIVE campaign seeks to proactively safeguard our community against digital threats by following federal government recommendations for securing sensitive data against cyber-attacks. This will help us to enhance prevention, protection, response, and recovery measures for the optimal safety of our patients, residents, visitors, and team members.


Your philanthropic support is essential to our ability to provide the services and programs our community deserves. Join us in turning ordinary days into extraordinary moments – contact us to learn how you can contribute to the THRIVE campaign and customize your gift to support our residents, patients, and participants.


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