Chief Clinical Officer Keeps Miami Jewish Health on Track

July 16th, 2018
David Pagano, chief clinical officer for Miami Jewish Health, works with medical personnel, staff and families at the 20-acre Miami campus.

MIAMI – Ever wonder how a large healthcare organization like Miami Jewish Health keeps track of what its nurses, CNAs, and other supporting medical staff are up to?

Meet David Pagano, Miami Jewish Health’s Chief Clinical Officer. He spends his days crisscrossing the 20-acre Miami Jewish Health campus checking in with clinical staff, visiting residents and their families, working with medical staff and solving problems from A to Z. It’s all part of the job.

“Miami Jewish Health provides a diverse range of care and services. My job is an adventure every day, and I love a challenge, which is why I enjoy what I do here. I focus on such a broad range of demands every day,” Pagano said. “Luckily I work with some of the greatest and most dedicated folks I have ever seen. It’s inspiring. You always want to be your best.”

Overseeing Healthcare Services Requires Flexibility

Pagano has a lot to keep him busy. Miami Jewish Health offers acute care, through Douglas Gardens Hospital; skilled nursing care; long-term care; assisted living; physical and occupational therapy; pharmaceutical services; recreational therapy and more.

“We’re in the people business, so every day is different,” Pagano said. “Our team must always be on their toes.”

Pagano brings over 30 years of experience providing strategic leadership and clinical management in the multi-facility senior care arena (both for-profit and non-profit), primarily skilled post-acute care, long-term care and assisted living.

He joined Miami Jewish Health in December 2017. Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations/Chief Clinical Officer for a healthcare organization in Maryland operating multiple facilities which included skilled care, assisted living, independent living and on-site clinics including a nationally recognized dementia care facility associated with a major teaching Hospital system.

Nursing Opportunities Abound in Diverse Eldercare Setting

Because Miami Jewish Health is a large, diverse healthcare organization with multiple types of healthcare entities, Pagano’s main job is to ensure continuity, coordination, and connection.

He believes Miami Jewish Health is a great place to get clinical experience.

“In a broad sense, Miami Jewish Health is a wonderful place for a clinical professional because there are multiple settings, care practices and care models within the scope of the operation,” Pagano noted. “There are many opportunities for a nurse within Miami Jewish Health to grow, develop and explore what their passions are. I think that is the major advantage of Miami Jewish Health.”

Stop by the campus and you are likely to see dozens of student nurses who come to Miami Jewish Health to do clinical rotations. There’s also a hospice on site and numerous sections that offer dementia care.

Interesting Facts About Nursing

Did you know?

  • 9 million nurses work in the United States
  • Nursing students make up more than half of all professional students
  • 3/5 of all nurses work in hospitals, nursing homes, and hospices

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