Testimonials and Reviews of Our Elder Care Services

Rosomoff Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center

“My experience here has not just been a medical experience. It has been a real human experience. The staff fights for each and every one of us.” – Eviatar H.

“For three years, I had been hearing ‘you can’t do this, you can’t do that.’ Here, I was told ‘you can, you can, you can.’ This is really the best pain center in the world.” – Chris M.

“This place is the best, the facilities, the staff. Every one of you are caring, real and kind people.” – Linda Z.

“I have never had a group of therapists sit with me and say it’s this bone and that muscle and make a plan to treat it. And pretty soon, I was able to raise my arms straight over my head.” – John B.

Brucker Biofeedback

“I am from South Africa and have cerebral palsy with spastic quadriplegia. I’ve been coming here since I was five years old. Today I’m 17 and thanks to the Brucker Biofeedback I’m more independent than I could have ever hoped for.” – Kimberly

“I’m confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life. So I started the Brucker Biofeedback program in 2006. How has it helped me so far? I can ride a stationary bike for 30 minutes. I can walk with braces and a walker. I used to fall over and lose my balance in the car, but now my back muscles are strong enough to keep me from falling over. ” – Jennifer

Mental Health & Memory Services

“An excellent program that should serve as a model for others” – A caregiver with a loved one in one of the Memory Center Programs

“(My loved one) is happy there. He is surrounded by kind, and professional people” – A caregiver with a loved one in one of the Memory Center Programs

“(My loved one) has improved substantially since he started attendance there. He comes home happy. God bless you all!” – A caregiver with a loved one in one of the Memory Center Programs

Rehabilitation Services

“The best place in South Florida to rehabilitate. The nursing facility should be an example of what to do right for patients. I really feel this is a 4-star resort with personal trainers. ” – A recent graduate of the Rehabilitation Services

“The Rehab Unit was wonderful. When I arrived in the unit, I couldn’t even stand up. Seven weeks later, I danced out of there. ” – Shirley F., a recent graduate of the Rehabilitation Services

“I want to thank you for your assistance with my mom’s rehab. Your staff was excellent, the nurses and assistants were fantastic. Your Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists were also excellent. My mom’s full recovery will take some time, but I’m happy to say she has a good chance due to Miami Jewish.” – Frank L., son of a recent patient

Residential Living

Assisted Living at Hazel Cypen Tower

“My mother has a life again.” – Daughter of a resident

“The medical component is unique. I love having everything right here on campus.” – Lillian B.

“We had a really bad hurricane season last year and thank goodness I was living here. I can’t imagine what I would’ve done if I was still at home, with no power, air conditioning, food or care.” – Harriet D.

“I’ve found that they try to accommodate us in every way. If you need anything, just call and it’s there for you.” – Cecil O.

“It’s a remarkable place.” – Trudy S.

“It is so comforting to me to have a facility like Miami Jewish Health Systems in which to place my mom, especially since I am so far away. I live in New York and mom doesn’t want to relocate up north, so I have been going through such angst and guilt until I actually visited the facility here and I saw how my mother is thriving here.” – Son of a resident

Independent Living at Irving Cypen Tower

“I enjoy the friendliness and outgoing tenants in this building. They are all very gracious and welcoming.” ¬– Doris L.

“All the activities are great including the exercises, which are very good for the body. Shopping is door to door with everything being done for you. Even the theater. Our medical attention is excellent.” – Lilian S.

“I love the surrounding area — the trees, the flowers and the foliage. I thank God I can stay here the people who work are wonderful.” – Rose G.

“I like everything about this place!” – Irving S.

“I am so happy to be here enjoying all the activities. Ceramics—making sculptures of my children, painting, knitting and making beautiful articles. The days aren’t long enough keeping busy.” – Ann F.

Low Income Housing for the Elderly

“We moved to Stanley Axlrod UTD Tower in May 1996 after waiting for several years for an apartment. For us, it has been great. I enjoy the grounds and the proximity of the bay. My husband loves to sit outside and I spend hours reading and enjoying the beauty of Miami. Improvements in the building have been very successful and we have everything we need within our reach: The beauty salon, library, small grocery store, exercise room, etc.” – Resident, Maria S. Lecours

Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

“I am always treated with love and care. They work hard to make sure I am comfortable.” – PACE participant

“It is all encompassing, excellent care. If someone has an ingrown toenail or a lump in the breast, a doctor can see him or her right away. We have ready access to our doctors and nurses. Otherwise, it could take days, weeks even, to get it evaluated by a doctor.” – Ann K, PACE participant

“They spoil you here. Your medication is measured out so you don’t have to remember what to take when. If you have an appointment with the doctor, they just tell you when it is and they come and pick you up.” – PACE participant

Skilled Nursing Facility

“I was very hesitant of going to any Nursing Facility for Rehab because of the awful experience I had in February at another facility. At the other facility they were not only uncaring individuals who were being worked too hard, too many patients to care for, but the place was downright dirty. I have explained to my friends and co-workers that Miami Jewish Home is a 4-star resort with personal trainers and great room service. I am not joking. You have made my recovery a pleasant experience. The facilities are not only clean and beautiful, the staff is cheerful and well-trained, and the therapy is solid, strong, and caring.” – Former Skilled Unit Patient

“The service your staff provides is world class. You should feel very proud of the team that works with you. They live up to and beyond expectations.” – Former Skilled Unit Patient

Douglas Gardens Hospital

“Words cannot express how we feel about each and every member of the hospital team. Their extraordinary professionalism and empathy are remarkable.” – Family member of former Douglas Gardens Hospital patient

“My mom asked that I write to acknowledge the exceptional care that she received during her stay. Visiting her every day I noticed that she was cared for with compassion and her every need was taken care of with a smile.” – Family member of former Douglas Gardens Hospital patient

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